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We will be hosting an in-person One Mile an Hour at Odessa High School, Townsend, DE. However, if you are not comfortable or available to join us in-person, you may choose to do your own virtual One Mile wherever you are!  Simply walk or run your mile(s) and then post them to your favorite social media site with the hash-tag #onemileanhour24



June 16th, 2023 with a kick-off mile @ 6pm, last mile June 17th @ 5pm. 



Odessa High School, Tony Marchio Road, Townsend, DE.  


We WILL be selling shirts for ONE MILE AN HOUR 2023.  Shirts are $20 each and a limited number will be available during the event.  


We are still accepting donations and sponsorship through the MHA Website → "Contribute". Please put In Honor Of "ONE MILE AN HOUR". 



If you are not joining us in person, PLEASE be SAFE and RESPONSIBLE.


  • plan your running route(s) in advance

  • tell local friends and family that you are participating

  • have a running buddy and remember social distancing

  • listen to your body as you will not have access to medics and trainers

  • carry a flashlight or wear reflective gear

  • hydrate well and eat snacks in between miles

  • carry a phone and a form of ID

While remembering safety, we encourage everyone to have fun! Feel free to send in pictures for a shoutout on Instagram or Facebook. Email pictures, DM them, IM them, or tag us with #onemileanhour24

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